Coming Events
Visit us, find our work, in the southeast corner of
Northern Clay Center, 
2424 E. Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55406

We make and fire at Northern Clay Center in Mpls (2424 Franklin Ave E)  

​Kate's work is featured at 
MN NICE Program “Teetering”

Redepenning Gallery Hopkins Center for the Arts July 13 – August 12, 20 and is pictured as part of the MN Women's Ceramic exhibition at the MSP Airport.

July 28 & 29, 2018 we will be at Alexandria in the Park
Located on the shores of Lakes Agnes and Henry in Alexandria MN.  It is one of the Upper Midwest's biggest outdoor art festivals. There are wonderful artists presenting and hey who can top the wonderful lakes area, an amazing community and serious vacation land here!

August 11th you will find us at The Art and Craft Affair in Battlelake.  
This event draws nearly 5,000 visitors and is held on the 2nd Saturday of August at Railroad Park, located at MN Hwy 78 and County Rd 83 in Battle Lake.

We are proud to be a part of a new group of about 40 Artists in the Alec area The Alexandria Artist Guild!   
Please visit the fb page and see what our group is doing! ttps:// 
The Guild is becoming a non profit and has joined the Chamber of Commerce!  Lots of action with an excellent dedicated and creative board.      

May 2018 Pottersmith Studio under construction, used to be a wood working shop, only roughed in we go.
July 9, 2018    Hey! Our floor sweats!.Why not? We sure are. So we are getting a new floor in the studio this month, working to be able to invite people to come,  and play in clay.  We have begun some personal work to test the space. We have four electric wheels, shelving, a wedging table and work tables and one kiln will fire next week (we hope).
July 18 @  8 p.m. we should be able to walk on it tomorrow afternoon!!!  No more sweaty floor. Tomorrow afternoon we will put in floor molding and move in!
Early Spring 2018 running of coffee.
April 2020, we regret having to cancel all events this summer.  We are hopeful that serology testing and vaccines for Covid 19 will come available and we will move forward. In the mean time we are using our pent up energy to create, build on our studio, and creating plans for a wood fired fast burning kiln.
We so hope to see you all soon, give hugs. In the mean time sending out "air hugs". Stay safe out there and for crying out loud keep your heads down!
Love Kate and Phil Smith